eDVIR Totalmail Form Modifications

Recently ASR Solutions worked with a client looking to make custom modifications to Totalmail forms to specifically track inbound eDVIR forms and create eDVIR reply forms. This would allow subsequent drivers to view previous eDVIR and confirm receipt, while also cleaning up the fields shown and incident created in TMWSuite.

The eDVIR forms allow drivers to complete their vehicle inspection reports electronically. The report integrates with third party fleet maintenance systems and automates the repair scheduling process, and sends inspection forms with noted defects directly to a repair queue. In particular this client was looking for more customized fields in this form. We were able to design and create customized SQL Tables to store eDVIR information. Then modify the inbound eDVIR form to record additional fields for reply and integration. Then we needed to create a Transman Incident per the current TMWSuite form with extra fields.

Finally we developed a custom eDVIR reply form to convey information about the status of eDVIR and any prior eDVIR defects found and submitted by previous drivers within a power unit. ASR Solutions built a customized reply form with eDVIR Information and then hooked this to the Login/Trailer. We were able to build a confirmation reply after reviewing, which could then update the eDVIR Status.

Creation of, or modification of Totalmail forms, can be a great training tool for personnel if they observe the development process. Since most companies must seek outside resources when it comes to customization, reviewing the development process can help a company with long term management of any new forms solution. If new processes or solutions are ever being developed for your company, you should always check with your consultant or third party team to see if observation is a possibility. This can often be invaluable to the company in the long run.