The business world of today has many options with regards to the software a company utilizes, but unfortunately not all software communicates well with each other. With comprehensive understanding of database design and structure, ASR Solutions has the ability to develop Specialty Software that can bridge the gap between systems that do not fully integrate.

ASR Solutions has designed applications to specifically fit a clients needs while employing the Software Development Lifecycle methodology: Planning-Analysis-Design-Implementation-Ongoing Support. Utilizing the .NET platform, ASR consultants can design and create customized applications for both the web and desktop, as well as extending .NET compatible applications such as Microsoft Office.

If you have a need for custom development, ASR Solutions can provide it quickly and at an affordable price!

Services Offered:iStock_000003668350XSmall

  • Architecture
  • Development
  • Consulting
  • Programming
  • Administration
  • Quality Assurance