ASR Solutions has been working with the largest telematics outfit in the world, Geotab. They have grown to become a global leader in IoT and connected transportation.

We were first introduced to the capabilities of Geotab through their platform Geotab Drive, and how it has the ability to integrate with the Eleos platform, for which we have done TMS system integration. Geotab Drive streamlines ELD compliance allowing Drivers to record their Hours of Service (HOS) status and complete vehicle inspections from their device.

We have recently partnered to become an authorized reseller for Geotab because of their open platform and extensive offerings in fleet management. MyGeotab is fleet management software that allows real-time insights on fleet compliance including violation alerts and detailed reports on driver logs and remaining hours, all from a mobile device. Geotab GO telematics tracking devices, like the GO9 or Go Rugged, are built with powerful processors and storage that allow for native vehicle and improved fuel usage support. The addition of a gyroscope in the GO9 adds granular data to the acceleration, braking, cornering and collision reconstruction that the devices accelerometer already provides.

Those are just some of their main offerings. Most important to note however, is how serious Geotab is about security and data driven metrics. They are committed to protecting their customers and partners, while creating a marketplace of open platform and integrated offerings to the telematics data.


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