The Key to Running a Successful Project


We know, you’ve heard it before. That same old adage, that clear lines of communication are what make a project run smoothly, not to mention it’s what makes an entire business successful. That basic premise is true, all be it a little deeper when you are dealing with multiple organizations.

Internally, it is important with any project to have clear and defined objectives within your organization. It’s extremely helpful however, that there be a clear representative who guides the project at your business, especially if you are working with outside resources. That’s where the Leadership need comes into play. The most successful projects ASR Solutions has been involved in, have had active participation from a client assigned Project Lead. An individual responsible for coordinating your resources, acquiring materials and pre-scheduling matters is going to help advance the execution of a plan.

SolutionsHaving a Project Manager or a Coordinator to act as a liaison for your company, is a key control point that many overlook when hiring on Consultants to assist in projects for their company. Consultants are responsible to help execute tasks and requirements within a clearly defined scope of work, that fits within your budget, time-frame and needs. However, departments within an organization often compete internally with what they feel is priority, and estimates often change. With out key personnel to maintain rigid scope containment and project change control, the project can begin to become poorly defined as far as requirement needs.

In that same token, any Consultants you consider hiring should also have a Project Lead you can communicate with. While the third party resources you hire all assist in providing deliverables per the project scope, a key point person on their end ensures that they align with project objectives, timing and requirements needed for your organization. Both Project Leads ensure the safety of their companies, as well as providing the communication needed for each side to be the most effective in supporting each other.