ASR Team Feature

Justin Colnaghi is the most recent hire at ASR Solutions, joining the team in the summer of 2015. Since then, he has focused on providing on-site and remote support for TMWSuite, TotalMail, and TMW Asset Maintenance. One aspect of this support has included on-site training for client personnel. Justin’s fresh perspective on transportation management systems has aided these process training efforts, as many of his trainees are also new to their usage. Justin has also focused on writing in-depth documentation of customized process enhancements created by ASR, an effort supported by his past experience in academia.

Prior to joining ASR solutions, Justin graduated with Honors from the New Brunswick campus of Rutgers University, receiving his Bachelor’s degree in History. At Rutgers, he focused his studies on medieval European history and modern American history, as well as on the development of Abrahamic religions. In his free time, Justin enjoys reading up on new developments in historical scholarship, geopolitics, and technology. He also enjoys researching components for home PCs, and assembling them for his friends and family.

Justin HeadshotAs a recent graduate from Rutgers University-New Brunswick, Justin Colnaghi comes on as the newest hire to the ASR team. His collegiate background has provided him with strong personnel and documentation skills. At ASR, Justin provides assistance with on-site process training, and preparing process documentation for customized TMWSuite development.