Invalid Stops Error in TotalMail

Sometimes in a client’s TotalMail system, they may see a Invalid Stops error crop up in the inbox. The following describes how to identify the error, what causes the error, and what to do to correct it.

How to identify: A workflow message will show an error, and the Error Information will state:

“Couldn’t find a valid stop.”

Invalid Stops

What it is: This error is usually caused by a driver attempting to clear workflow off of his unit. By submitting all of the steps associated with a load, it will push the information off of his unit. Because TotalMail cannot properly interpret these empty messages, it will error them out.

How to fix: Due to the nature of these errors, they can be simply deleted from the Inbox. The company may want to make a note of the driver involved, as repeated blank messages may be a result of a larger problem.