What Your TMWSuite Data Can Tell You

There are several Over the Road Carrier companies that utilize TWMSuite products to run their operations. There are traditional TMWSuite modules such as Visual Dispatch, and updated modules such as Fuel Dispatch and TMW Operations. Often, most companies will not utilize all the data they can glean from their TMWSuite systems, to its maximum potential.

The data pulled from TMWSuite that is most commonly used by companies are: Dispatch, GPS, Fuel and Tractor Master .

  • The Dispatch data and the GPS data describes tractor travel in hauling loads between origins and destinations. This information can be used to analyze tractor travel, assemble route lines, and calculate miles on a load-by-load basis.
  • The Fuel data describes the dates, quantities and locations of tractor and reefer fuel purchases.
  • The Tractor Master data describes the characteristics of the tractor, e.g, fleet affiliation, home terminal, IFTA state, etc.