PACOS Workflows

Automated-Workflow-DiagramPNGA client recently approached us, seeking help with their TotalMail implementation. They had been live with the program for months, but were not seeing the kind of progress that they had hoped would be made with the system. One of their greatest struggles with utilizing their system was training dispatchers on how to understand the PACOS (PeopleNet Automated Circle of Service) workflow that was sent through TotalMail. Seeing a need for outside resources to provide their Dispatch team with better process guidance, ASR consultants were sent to provide one-on-one training.

After we began to train the Dispatch team how to more fully understand their TotalMail system, it became clear that they had never had the opportunity to see what a perfectly executed shift looked like in TotalMail. Without knowing what a driver’s TotalMail history should look like in an ideal scenario, it was difficult to explain the sequencing errors, skipped workflow steps, and improper log-ins and log-outs that were creating huge problems within their system. After investigating their drivers’ history to find one who consistently executed workflow, we prepared documentation for their entire Dispatch office to review.

Armed with the knowledge of what a model day within the TotalMail system should look like, we went about training their Dispatchers how to best identify the key pain points that they were likely to experience regularly. This included teaching the Dispatch team how to identify driver workflow errors, improperly dispatched orders, and a variety of other challenges that faced their team on a daily basis. As we concluded our hands-on training efforts, the client was provided with an in-depth document that noted and explained all of the major errors we had just helped solve, so that they would have a reference in the months to come. This focused training not only boosted their short-term dispatch performance metrics, but also began the long-term process of enhancing the capabilities of their entire Dispatch team.