ASR Team Feature

Daren Porter is the newest member of the Development team here at ASR Solutions, LLC. With a background in Computer Science, he has been working extensively on Android development of a third party mobile application. He is presently helping to integrate a custom version of the application to a current ASR client. Daren has quite a few certifications in IPC J-STD and NASA-STD. He put those certifications to use on VCT for NASA’s Radiation Budget Instrument, and part of his work now orbits the earth!

Daren is a native of Maryland and currently resides in Frederick. As a lover of all things music, in high school he was heavily involved in the show choir ensemble, band and musicals. He still plays instruments and sings whenever possible. Recently he participated in his first marathon. You can often find Daren writing code in his local coffee shop, swing dancing with his girlfriend, or gaming with his buddies.

20181128_133027Daren Porter joins us with a background as a General Technician and certified IPC Specialist. Prior to being a part of the Development team at ASR, he worked on maintenance and testing for VCT, a component of NASA’s Radiation Budget Instrument. Daren is an adept learner and has helped the ASR application development services grow expediently.