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Data2-35One of our Co – Founders, Scott Applefeld, has made another post to his personal blog that he would like to share here on the ASR Solutions website.  You can read more below, or even visit his blog directly at . Check back with us soon for more Team Member Features on other employees, plus be on the look out for more updates regarding business processes and industry tips right here on our Updates page.


Scott A303372_10150944407641530_1701585969_npplefeld is a consultant in the Transportation and Logistics Industry who focuses on Over The Road Carriers (AKA “Trucking Companies”).  He specializes in the information technology that supports these operations; in particular TMWSuite, Fuel Dispatch, Operations, TotalMail and Asset Maintenance by TMW Systems.

Scott typically supports these products directly or utilizing SQL Server and .NET to create specialized solutions behind them that are tailored to customer requirements.  He has also worked extensively at data-mining these systems for Analysis, Integration, and customized reporting via SQL Server Reporting Services (SSRS).